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Chinese cuisine #
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Categories #

Useful characters #

  • 魚 or 鱼 (yú): 물고기 어; Fish
  • 牛 (niú): 소 우; cow. beef
  • 鸡 (jī): 닭 계; chicken
  • 肉 (ròu): 고기 육; meat
  • 豉 (chǐ): 메주 시;
  • 汁 (zhī): 즙 즙;
  • 豆腐 (dòu fu): 두부; tofu
  • 肉末(儿) (ròumò(r)): 다진 고기; minced meat

  • 椒 (jiāo): 산초나무 초; pepper

  • 豉油 (chǐyóu): 간장; soy sauce

  • 砂锅: clay pot

    • 砂 (shā): 모래 사; clay
    • 锅 (guō): 노구솥 과; pot
  • 铁板 (tiě bǎn): steel plate

    • 铁 (tiě): 쇠 철; steel
    • 板 (bǎn): 널조각 판; plate
  • 蒸 (zhēng): 찔 증; steaming

Examples #

  • 椒监魚 (jiāo jiān yú): pepper salt fish slices
  • 砂锅牛 (shā guō niú): beef clay pot
  • 铁板鸡 (tiě bǎn jī): hot plate chicken
  • 豉汁肉末蒸豆腐 (chǐ zhī ròumò zhēng dòu fu): Minced meat steamed tofu with black bean sauce

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