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Lecture recording #
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General tips #

  1. When making a video, audio quality is usually more important than the quality of the video. You should pay close attention to the audio quality. Learn how to set up microphones, how to record and edit the voice.
  2. For making a good video, you want to record your audio track first by (i) creating a good, concise script, then (ii) practicing the narration, then (iii) recording it by speaking clearly, not too slow, not too fast.
  3. It may be easier if you just start recording the video and audio at the same time especially for the programming demos. Even in this case, you'll need a good plan and a practice, in order to make it smooth, concise, and easy to follow.

Tools #

Cross-platform #

Mac #

Simply having a mac gives you a microphone, camera, and software, all the necessary tools.

Quicktime has functionality to record from the camera as well as recording the screen (even connected iPad or iPhone). Keynote can be used to create slides for the video.

Audio can be edited in Audacity, GarageBand, and other tools. Logic Pro X or Adobe Audition would be non-free choices.

The video can be edited in iMovie. For the paid options, Final Cut Pro X or Adobe Premiere Pro are good.

Other tools #

Windows #

Workflow #

  1. A quick way
    • Make a rough plan
    • Start recording yourself, slides, or the screen.
    • Edit the audio and video
  2. Probably a better way
    • Write the script
    • Iterate on the script
    • Practice and record the voice
    • Record video
    • Edit the video

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