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Antisocial behavior in online discussion communities #

Research questions #

First, are there users that only become antisocial later in their community life, or is deviant behavior innate? Second, does a community’s reaction to users’ antisocial behavior help them improve, or does it instead cause them to become more antisocial? Last, can antisocial users be effectively identified early on?

Data and methods #

  • all comments from:,, (news, politics, and game)

Whether a user is ultimated banned (FutureBannedUsers) or not (NeverBannedUsers) is the label for the user (troll or not).

Results #

  • FBUs write differently. more difficult (readability score-wise), less positivity, more profanity, attract more replies, focusing on individual threads.
  • FBUs worsen over time. (community incubates) "users who are excessively censored early in their lives are more likely to exhibit antisocial behavior later on"

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