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Social contagion #
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Contagions that spread among people. One characteristic is that the 'infection' is enhanced by multiple exposure. A review[^1] (and a comment -

Damon Centola and Michael Macy proposed four mechanisms that explain complex, social contagions[^2]:

  • Strategic complentarity: adoption of innovation is costly and it's better to wait in many cases. (also for strikes, revolutions, etc)
  • Credibility: innovations often lack credibility (三人成虎).
  • Legitimacy
  • Emotional contagion

There has been evidence that more exposure (# of people already adopted the contagion) leads to more adoption. However, recent work based on Facebook argued that the structural diversity (or novelty) plays more important role[^3].

There are some models to explain the cooperatively of social contagions[^4][^5].

Bursty behavior can enhance the spreading of social contagion[^6].

Applying cascade dynamics to modular random network[^7][^8][^9][^10].

In random multiplex networks -

Topological approaches #

Structural diversity #

References #

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