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Sociology #
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Major frames #

  1. Alternative hypothesis framing: Strang, David, and Michael W. Macy. “In search of excellence: Fads, success stories, and adaptive emulation.” American journal of sociology 107.1 (2001): 147-182.
  2. Missing evidence framing: Fernandez, Roberto M., Emilio J. Castilla, and Paul Moore. “Social capital at work: Networks and employment at a phone center.” American journal of sociology 105.5 (2000): 1288-1356.
  3. Clarifying confusion framing: Casciaro, Tiziana, and Mikolaj Jan Piskorski. “Power imbalance, mutual dependence, and constraint absorption: A closer look at resource dependence theory.” Administrative science quarterly 50.2 (2005): 167-199.
  4. Extending theoretical scope framing: Tilcsik, András. “Imprint–environment fit and performance: How organizational munificence at the time of hire affects subsequent job performance.” Administrative Science Quarterly 59.4 (2014): 639-668.

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