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  • TeX
  • writer's diet test by Helen Sword
    • You should be able to summarize a paragraph into a single sentence.
    • How many active, vivid verbs?
    • How many waste words (it, this, that, there, ...)?
    • How many concrete nouns and how many abstract nouns?
    • Assume your audiences: An aspirational leader, a critical friend, a critical friend in other field, a young & bright undergraduate student, "uncle Bob".
    • Is the title catchy, concrete, and useful?
    • Do you have catchy opening paragraph?
    • What story am I telling?
    • Do I have plenty of examples?
    • Citations are relevant and useful?
    • How many jargons do I use?
  • - Grammar/plagiarism checker
  • - 3 shell scripts to improve your writing, or "My Ph.D. advisor rewrote himself in bash."
  • Plain Text, Papers, Pandoc

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